Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia. August 9th — 12th 2013

Bringing together the most awesome JavaScript talent from Australia & worldwide.

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Building Apps for Firefox OS

Presented by Angelina Fabbro

Angelina Fabbro

Launching around the world one country at a time is Firefox OS, Mozilla's push to bring smartphones to developing markets and provide an open alternative to proprietary phone operating systems.

Building applications for Firefox OS is easy for even a marginally experienced web developer, particularly those with front-end experience. Server-side friends should participate too - apps need servers to talk to in order to accomplish interesting things from time to time after all.

We'll discuss the operating system structure, device APIs, UX and UI guidelines, as well as how to publish your app in the app store, whether for free or for pay.

Having a device is not mandatory to participate: the Firefox OS simulator add on is suitable to get started. Angelina will be bringing several devices for you to test your app on though too, as nothing is better than the real deal when it's in your hands.

Special perk: If you happen to use your CampJS experience to make an app or the better portion of an app for the marketplace - you might just get to be taking one of these devices home with you.

Angelina works for Mozilla, has a background in cognitive science, building clever robots and was recently nominated for 2013 Net Awards Brilliant Newcomer of the Year

True 'Full Stack' with Node, Raspberry Pi & GPIO

Presented by James Ottaway & Romain Prieto of ThoughtWorks

James Ottaway Romain Prieto

Put your imagination to the test in this 4 hour workshop, split over Saturday and Sunday, by building true full-stack components using NodeJS, a Raspberry Pi and various GPIO components.

We will start by building a multiplayer Tron game which uses mobile gamepads (via and a LED matrix for the display (via GPIO). After that, you’re free to extend Tron (maybe add an AI, tweak the circuit, etc.), or start building something brand new.

The hardware is supplied, and there’ll be a chance to take it home with you. All you need is a text editor and a sense of adventure!

Learn You The Node.js For Much Win

Presented by Rod Vagg

Rod Vagg

Learn Node.js by understanding the event loop, non-blocking I/O and callbacks. Take your JavaScript skills to the next level by putting them to work on the server.

Rod Vagg is an open source junkie who has developed a severe addiction to Node.js. A long and sordid history with Java has left him scarred and damaged but he has been successfully rebuilding his life with the help of his long-time friend, JavaScript. Rod is currently involved in pursuing the goal of "The Node.js Database" by his involvement with Node's LevelDB community.

Angular FTW

Presented by Glen Maddern

Glen Maddern

There's no doubt about it. Client-side apps are the new hotness. And jQuery doesn't cut it. AngularJS is one of only a couple of Javascript MVC frameworks with real momentum and real-world adoption, but it's the only one to truly go beyond the jQuery way of doing things.

This introduction will take you through some of the core concepts of Angular, how it's a new way of thinking, and why you'll never want to go back.

Glen Maddern is a reformed backend developer, coming around once he realised that the internet was a Cool Place® where people do Interesting Things®. In the last few years, that passion for the internet has seem him help start the super awesome movie review site Goodfilms, local AngularJS meetup group ngMelb, and local web development studio Codename

Building Games for the Web with HTML5

Presented by Hugh Kennedy

Hugh Kennedy

An introduction to game programming concepts for the unfamiliar, and the tricks you'll need to know to get it all working in your browser.

Hugh is a full-stack developer, currently building sites with Node.js for Present Company.

MeteorJS: Realtime Conference Board with Chat

Presented by Daryl Antony & Tom Coleman

Daryl Antony Tom Coleman

Tom & Daryl use Meteor to collaboratively build a Realtime Conference Chat application. Pull requests welcome at CampJS!

CSS for Programmers

Presented by Julio Cesar Ody

Julio Ody

A session on how to implement programmer-thinking to writing CSS. Starting from the right foundation, writing core classes and using inheritance, extensions and mixins correctly with SASS, refactoring like a pro, and how to program UI states that interact with your JavaScripts.

Julio Cesar Ody is a freelance coder, wordsmith, wannabe designer and one of 3 parts of @lectorapp

JS for Physical Computing

Presented by Anna Gerber

Anna Gerber

Learn how to build interactive projects using JavaScript to control sensors and actuators via Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Anna enjoys making things: tinkering with 3D printers, quadcopters, sewable circuits and other geek crafts. Anna is passionate about open hardware, open data and open source software.

Extreme Messaging for the Internet of Things

Presented by Mark Wolfe

Mark Wolfe

With the internet of things almost upon us, we are going to need a way connect thousands, if not millions of devices to our applications. Luckily, some smart folks came up with a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices called MQTT.

In this talk I will introduce MQTT and how it can be used to build large scale messaging systems, along with some suggestions on where it can be used to solve problems within today's mobile applications.

Mark is a software developer and Unix admin at Ninja Blocks, with a keen interest in IP networking and distributed systems.

Beast to Beauty: an Excercise in Reverse Engineering with Node.JS

Presented by Conrad Pankoff

Conrad Pankoff

The world is full of terrible binary protocols. Learn how to make them a little easier to deal with using Node.JS and a couple of small libraries.

Conrad has developed extensive experience with machine-to-machine protocols while working at Moving Data on the Siphon.IO platform.

Agile Schema Design with MongoDB

Presented by Stephen Steneker

Stephen Steneker

MongoDB is an open source, high performance, cross-platform, document-oriented database that supports flexible schema with a rich query language. For data storage MongoDB uses a JSON-like binary serialisation called BSON (Binary JSON). Documents in a single collection do not need to have the same set of fields or structure, and common fields may hold different types of data. This schema flexibility allows you to model your documents in MongoDB so that they can closely resemble and reflect application-level objects.

In contrast to relational databases where data is typically highly normalised, the approach to data modelling in MongoDB is driven by understanding of your application use cases.

For this introductory talk we'll look at the basics of setting up a data model in MongoDB.

Stephen is a Sydney-based Technical Services Engineer for 10gen (the MongoDB company). He provides support, consulting, and training for MongoDB. He's a software polyglot and lifelong LEGO addict.

Higher-Order Fun

Presented by Katie Miller

Katie Miller

If you've noticed fellow coders babbling about functional programming but it all sounds like gobbledygook, this is the talk for you.

Katie will be giving a preview of her presentation for RuPy Hungary, a gentle introduction to FP focusing on one of its core idioms -- higher-order functions.

Katie is a Software Engineer at Red Hat and Co-Founder of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming.

Understanding JavaScript Inheritance

Presented by Sebastian Porto

Sebastian Porto

Does the JavaScript object model confuse you? Are prototypes a mystery? This session is for you.

I will explain in an understandable way what are prototypes, prototype chains, object creation and function constructors.

Sebastian is an end-to-end developer passionate about building things for the web, currently working with JavaScript, Ruby and Go. Sebastian loves tinkering with new technologies, blogging and learning from others.

Mastering the JS Dev Tools

Presented by Geoffrey Donaldson

Rod Vagg

Most of us know about 'console.log()', but do you know how to find out where your JS code is wasting time? the easiest way to track down a bug, or find out if you pages is rendering too often?

Geoffrey Donaldson will walk through some of the many improvements and features available in modern browsers that can even make development fun.

Geoffrey Donaldson spends his days helping companies make the most of their JavaScript applications, and ensuring users have the best experience they can

Vim Tips

Presented by Odin Dutton & Jason Weathered

Odin Dutton Jason Weathered

An informal session in which to learn about and share the best Vim tips.

These guys refuse to give me a better talk description, but I assure you they *know* Vim and this will be a great session.

May 15 2013

Author of Express, TJ Holowaychuk to attend CampJS

TJ Holowaychuck

TJ needs no introduction but this is big news and I just want to make it clear: this is massive.

TJ works for LearnBoost, the company that brought you, and mongoose. TJ writes many of the most popular NodeJS modules.

Express and Connect

Node's most popular HTTP "framework". Express and its middleware layer Connect forms many developer's first experience with NodeJS. With a combined 12,750+ stars on GitHub, Express+Connect powers over 26,000 public internet applications, including popular sites like MySpace, Prismatic and Mozilla's Persona. Express is Rails' Sinatra, and Connect is Rail's Rack.


Nearly overnight, Mocha became one of the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks in a similar vein to Jasmine, NodeUnit or QUnit. Mocha is a chameleon test framework as it does not impose testing style (BDD/TDD/etc), assertion tool or reporting output (dot/tap/spec). TJ also wrote the popular, but now deprecated expresso test framework, and assertion tool should.js.


Jade is the "Haml killer for NodeJS". It's an extensible, terse and whitespace sensitive language that compiles to HTML. Jade supports much the same features as Haml but with an even more terse syntax. TJ also wrote the NodeJS Haml port, and maintains the Node port of EJS.

Stylus & Nib

Stylus is a powerful language that compiles to CSS. Nib is a set of plugins for Stylus. Stylus and Nib are NodeJS' answer to Rail's SASS/SCSS and Compass respectively. More recently, TJ is developing Rework, which can achieve similar power, but without changing CSS semantics.

In the wake of the recent explosion of JavaScript frameworks, offers a new take on building web applications, without locking yourself into particular tech ecosystems. In the few months it's been out, there have been over 800 components published.

This post is a bit long but TJ has so many world-class tools I'm not even nearly able to list them all. It's not hard to see how TJ is number 4 in the world for Open Source Contributions and why we're bursting-at-the-seams excited about this addition to the CampJS lineup! Welcome TJ!

Early Bird Tickets on sale until midnight tonight (May 15)!

May 1 2013

Angelina Fabbro to attend CampJS in August!

Angelina Fabbro

With great pleasure I announce an awesome campjs special guest: Angelina Fabbro!

Angelina is Technical Lead at Steam Clock Software in Vancouver, Canada. She has spoken about cutting-edge browser technology like Shadow DOM and web components at various tech conferences such as JSConf EU, CascadiaJS, Copenhagen JS, and Firefox OS Hack days.

We're inviting Angelina to campjs to share her experience with us and have some fun.

Angelina has a background in cognitive science, building clever robots and was recently nominated for 2013 Net Awards Brilliant Newcomer of the Year.

More amazing special guests to be announced soon. Get tickets before they run out!

April 1 2013

Early Bird Tickets Available

A limited number of Early Bird Tickets are now available! This is the best price you'll get on CampJS tickets. They will be on sale until May 15, where they'll jump to $320.

20 Mar 2013

Announcing CampJS II: August 2013

Since the inaugural CampJS was so awesome, we're doing it again in the second week of August 2013: Friday the 9th to Monday the 12th of August! This will be held at the same venue as before, Koonjewarre Accommodation and Activity Centre

Tickets go on sale April 1st, 2013, 9am EST., register your interest at

Keep an eye out for special guest announcements coming soon!